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Dining in Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!  While everyone in America is feasting on Turkey, I thought I show you how I feasted in Turkey.  Now enough with the puns, onto the food!

Turkish grill - peppers and kabob

The delicious and ubiquitous grilled pepper

I have to say, overall we ate very well in Turkey!  I love that style of cooking and was pleasantly surprised whenever I ordered something that I didn’t quite understand.  I’ve already written about fish in Istanbul, sour plums and beautiful stuffed mussels but that’s only the tip of the culinary iceberg! Read more

New England Cranberry Bog

fresh cranberries

While most Americans are preparing for some cranberry sauce this Thursday, I thought I’d share some photos from my visit to a cranberry bog last month.  There are many independent cranberry growers in the Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod area, most of which are open for visitors to purchase fresh berries or for tours.  I stopped by Flax Pond Farm, just west of Plymouth and enjoyed learning about the cranberry harvest. Read more

The First Year was Rough for the Pilgrims

Of the 102 voyagers on the Mayflower, only 53 survived the first year to celebrate the “original Thanksgiving” in Nov 1621.  Of the 18 adult women who made the voyage, 14 died in the first year.  The Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth has a really interesting graphic illustrating the decimation of the early settlers. (See colonist before and after the first year).

original Pilgrims Mayflower

Original parties on the Mayflower. (Photo: Jim Steinhart)

Mayflower passengers who survived to the first Thanksgiving

Mayflower passengers who survived to the first Thanksgiving (Photo: Jim Steinhart)

Photos by Jim Steinhart,

Happy Thanksgiving!

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