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Merry Christmas 2015

Grafton Street, Dublin

Christmas cheer along Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland

Thank you all for following along in 2015!  It’s been a busy month for me (as evidenced by the photo of Grafton Street in Dublin above).  I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and holiday season, and hope you are surrounded with family and friends!

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

There wasn’t sunshine all day, everyday when I visited Ireland.  But when the sky was clear, the landscape was simply beautiful.  During one of these occasional blue sky moments, it’s better to be at one of the most amazing vistas on the island – the Cliffs of Moher.

Cliffs of Moher Read more

Ardfert Cathedral and Abbey, County Kerry

Every day in Ireland seemed to bring another beautiful ruin.  Each one a massive stone structure clearly whittled down by time and the encroaching flora.  King Henry VIII’s anti-Catholic purge of Ireland left hundreds of Cathedrals and monasteries abandoned to decay.  Today they remain inviting and evocative structures to explore and enjoy.  Ardfert Cathedral and Abbey is one such peaceful place.  Like many of the ruins in Ireland, we had the whole site to ourselves and had an excellent impromptu picnic there.

Coming up on Ardfert Cathedral, County Kerry, Ireland

Coming up on Ardfert Cathedral, County Kerry, Ireland

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Celtic Gothic Figures

While I love Gothic art, there is something especially appealing about the Irish Gothic style.  The heavy infusion of Celtic design and the stylized figures energize this art and gives it a playful feel.  Many of the medieval ruins I found in Ireland where not particularly ornate which made the appearance of Gothic figures and motifs that much more enjoyable.

Doorway decoration from the Monastery at Dysert O’Dea (County Clare):

Doorway decoration from the Monastery at Dysert O'Dea. Read more

Exploring with The Keeper of the Castle

The monthly ArtSmart Roundtable brings together posts from some of the best art history-focused travel bloggers.  For December, we are discussing some of our favorite art and travel experiences.  You can find links below to all the group’s articles.

I’ve been lucky enough to see some really incredible art in person, in situ and sometimes under incredible circumstances (like seeing the Florence Baptistry for the first time as part of a religious procession!)  For me, a memorable travel and art experience includes encountering beautiful, unique or unknown pieces and places, but also gives me to opportunity to understand a culture or people better.  And so for this month’s theme, I was immediately reminded of my tour of Carrigafoyle Castle in County Kerry, Ireland with the Castle Keeper himself.

Carrigafoyle Castle

Carrigafoyle Castle, constructed in 1480 AD

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