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An Image Match and A Very Good Tip

Friedrich Wahle - “Beim Einkauf (When Shopping)”

Friedrich Wahle – “Beim Einkauf (When Shopping)”, sold in Munich in 2005

If you haven’t been following along, I’ve embarked on a little research project to create a catalog raisonne and biography for the German illustrator Friedrich (Fritz) Wahle – mainly because I bought one of his paintings and couldn’t find any information about him.  Many of his paintings appeared in the humor magazine Fliegende Blatter and so I’ve been going through digitized copies looking to correlate print images with auction records and to identify new painting.  Here is the first match I found!

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Shapes and Details in Istanbul

I found some interesting shapes and decorative details while at the big Ottoman sites in Istanbul (the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Süleymaniye Mosque).  So let’s start with those.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul Read more

Cartoon Cities

Decorating with travel photography always looks sharp and certainly inspires trip day-dreaming on a daily basis.  While you can get some amazing global images from amateur and professional photographers, I find myself coming back to stylized city illustrations.  It’s fun to see a location distilled to its essential elements and I have always loved stylized graphic design.  In honor of the Holiday shopping season, here are a few of my favorites from with links to their stores below.  (If they don’t have your favorite city, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they could do it.)

Portland, Oregon city cartoon - loosepetals
Portland, Oregon by loosepetals (
Washington DC

Washington DC by albie design (

San Francisco city cartoon

San Francisco by Matte Stevens (

Images Credits:

Portland, OR by Loose Petals

Washington DC by albie design

San Francisco by Matte Stevens

Vintage Travel Posters

Classic travel posters of the 1920-1940s have got to be some of the most gorgeous but overlooked pieces of art ever.  Combining both travel nostalgia and crisp graphic design, the images are evocative and interesting.  I want to hang one on my wall then pack up a hard case travel trunk and decorate it with stickers from each of my destinations!   Here are some of my favorite travel posters from an exhibit held last year.

vintage Marsailes to Egypt rail poster

vintage Syria and Libya travel poster

vintage Vienna travel poster

vintage cruise Alaska and Taku Glacier travel poster

All images are from the 2010 Boston Public Library exhibit, “Away We Go!”  You can view the entire exhibit on Flickr.

The First Year was Rough for the Pilgrims

Of the 102 voyagers on the Mayflower, only 53 survived the first year to celebrate the “original Thanksgiving” in Nov 1621.  Of the 18 adult women who made the voyage, 14 died in the first year.  The Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth has a really interesting graphic illustrating the decimation of the early settlers. (See colonist before and after the first year).

original Pilgrims Mayflower

Original parties on the Mayflower. (Photo: Jim Steinhart)

Mayflower passengers who survived to the first Thanksgiving

Mayflower passengers who survived to the first Thanksgiving (Photo: Jim Steinhart)

Photos by Jim Steinhart,

Happy Thanksgiving!

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