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Serious Context Clues

When I started searching through Fliegende Blatter, my goal was to find the story that accompanied my own Wahle painting.  I’ve also naturally found other Wahle’s each with their own stories.  It is very clear that for these illustrations, their context matters.

Friedrich Wahle - Der Galante Offizier

Friedrich Wahle – “Der Galante Offizier (The Gallant Officier)” sold in 2003

Above is “Der Galante Offizier (The Gallant Officer)” which was sold at auction in Munich in 2003.  A gentleman sits adjusting his lapel flower while a woman looks away.  It’s a lot clearer in the print version below.  It’s a pity the painting image isn’t clear because I like the use of colors in the purple flowers, red uniform collar and green tone in the woman’s gown.

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An Image Match and A Very Good Tip

Friedrich Wahle - “Beim Einkauf (When Shopping)”

Friedrich Wahle – “Beim Einkauf (When Shopping)”, sold in Munich in 2005

If you haven’t been following along, I’ve embarked on a little research project to create a catalog raisonne and biography for the German illustrator Friedrich (Fritz) Wahle – mainly because I bought one of his paintings and couldn’t find any information about him.  Many of his paintings appeared in the humor magazine Fliegende Blatter and so I’ve been going through digitized copies looking to correlate print images with auction records and to identify new painting.  Here is the first match I found!

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