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Seriously Warding off the Evil Eye

evil eye and tourists

So are the blue glass evil eyes just tourist kitsch?

You’re probably seen this symbol before: the light blue and white circles set in a dark blue glass base.  This stylized eye is meant to ward off the “evil eye”.  Transcending culture and religion, there is a belief throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East that because of jealousy someone could wish bad luck on a person.  This ill-will is passed through a focused glance or “evil eye” hence the need for charms to ward off the bad will.

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Photo of the Week – Bodrum Harbor

Bodrum east harbor view

Summer is winding down and I wish I could have one more beach getaway.  I would go back to Bodrum Turkey in a heartbeat.  After seeing all the beautiful gulets moored lazily in the harbor, all I can think about is week long sail along the southwestern coast.  Maybe next year….

This photo was taken looking east from the Bodrum Castle; there were even more ships in the harbor proper.

Underwater Archaeology Museum

Urn display, Bodrum

Amphora display showing how containers were set upright into the ship’s hull and lashed together

Over the last 4000 years, small ships have darted throughout the Eastern Mediterranean with oil, olives, wine, raw metals and other trading goods.  Since most of these early vessels were not particularly sophisticated, the waters around Turkey are littered with shipwrecks.  After a tip from local sponge divers in the 1960s, the first underwater archaeology excavations were begun along the Bodrum coast.  A lot of these findings can be seen today in the Museum of Underwater Archaeology housed in the 14th century Bodrum Castle.

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A Mausoleum – A Wonder of the Ancient World

Map of 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Map of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Image:

While I am keeping a count of UNESCO World Heritage sites I have visited, I realized that I am quickly racking up the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.  I saw 2 alone in Turkey!  I should use the verb “saw” loosely as both sites are essentially destroyed but definitely a notable stop along the way.

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