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Photo of the Week: Spanish Artist Examines His Work

The Artist inspecting his work (Photo: EPA/ALFREDO ALDAI)

Bilbao – Spanish artist Antonio Lopez looks at his work of art Man and Woman, consisting of two sculptures in polychrome wood, during the presentation of an exhibition dedicated to him at the Fine Arts Museum in Bilbao, Spain, 10 October 2011. The exhibition runs from 10 October 2011 to 22 January 2012. EPA/ALFREDO ALDAI.  Story and photo from

At first I didn’t realize this was the artist inspecting his work.  I like the photo much more when I imagine the old man to be a somewhat intimidated museum-goer.

Photo of the Week: National Cathedral Damage

Sad to see a little damage to the National Cathedral in Washington DC caused by the 5.8 earthquake Tuesday.  The East coast of the US doesn’t expect this sort of thing!

Angel down at the Washington National Cathedral (Photo: Connor Simpson, The Atlantic Wire)

For more photos summarizing the damage, see the Cathedral’s photo gallery and the  Atlantic Wire gallery.

Photo of the Week: Corinth Press Conference

Press conference in Corinth (Photo: EPA/VASSILIS PSOMAS)

GREECE.- Minister of Culture, Pavlos Geroulanos, speaks to the public during a special ceremony at the Klenia Archaeological Museum of Acient Corinthos, Greece, 17 August 2011. Two Kouros-style marble statues, dating back to 6th century BC.The two statues, named the Kouri (plural) of Tenea , are on display in a specially designed exhibition hall at the museum. The statues were unearthed during an illegal excavation in Klenies district of southern Corinth prefecture. Police arrested antiquities smugglers in May 2010 and the statues were sent to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens for restoration. EPA/VASSILIS PSOMAS.    Story and Photo from

I have Greece on the brain because I will be there in less than a month!  More about my trip soon.

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