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Photo of the Week – Lost in Italy

Seminarians in Siena (Photo: Daydream Tourist)

This is a picture from my 2005 trip to Italy.  In Siena, we came across two seminarians in black cassocks trying to read a map.  They were so perfectly framed by the medieval street.  I keep coming back to this image as one of my favorite from the trip.  Besides taking the photo quickly while their backs were turned, my friends and I chatted with these guys and gave them directions.  Turns out they were actually from Minnesota.  They and some other classmates were exploring Tuscany before heading to Rome for theological studies.

Photo of the Week – Art in the Favela

Beleza (Beauty) written in a San Paulo favela alley (Photo: EPA/SEBASTIAO MOREIRA)

SAO PAULO.- The Portuguese word Beleza (Beauty) written in large white letters on blue walls in an alley in the Brasilandia neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 06 March 2012. The graffiti and painted walls are part of an art project by five Spanish artists, entitled Luz nas Vielas (lit. Light in the alleys), which was realized with the inhabitants of Brasilandia, one of the favelas in Sao Paulo. Photo: Sebastiao Moreira/EPA.

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Photo of the Week – Greek Gas Station Cat

cat with blue and green eyes

Greek cat with beautiful eyes found while stranded at a Greek gas station (Photo: DaydreamTourist)

Living in the US, I take for granted that everyone accepts debit and credit cards as payment.  We pulled up to a gas station in the southwest of mainland Greece and filled up.  The gas station attendant handed us the bill and then waved off our credit card when we tried too pay.  Clearly flustered because we didn’t have enough Euros for it, I tried to ask “where is the ATM?”  The attendant pointed down the road and so I hopped out of the car while my husband when in search of cash.

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Photo of the Week – Garden Creature

Peacock in the garden planters (Photo: DaydreamTourist)

My New Years resolution was to try to carry a camera with  me more often. I was pretty quickly rewarded for this in 2012!  After finishing up tasting at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, Washington, I came outside to see this peacock perched on some planters.  While I am still getting use to my new camera, I like the composition and colors of this photo.

Photo of the Week – Polar Bears in Tokyo

Only because it has been so cold recently….

ritual ice water bath in Tokyo

Enjoying a cleansing polar bear swim in Tokyo (Photo: Kimimasa Mayama/EPA)

Participants bathe in icy water during a winter purification bathing or shinto-style polar bear bath at Teppozu-Inari Shrine in Tokyo, Japan, 08 January 2012 at the start of the New Year. Some people participate in purification bathing or swimming at the start of the New Year in Japan in the hope for their wellness. Photo: EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA.  Story and photo from

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