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Belgian Chocolate Overload

Most countries are known for a culinary specialty.  If I mention Italy, Japan or Argentina, you probably imagine pasta, sushi and fantastic steaks.  If we think about Belgium, then I definitely picture amazing chocolate!  I was in Bruges the week before Easter so all the shops had out their best holiday treats.  Not only is Bruges beautiful in March and has its own sculpture by Michelangelo, but it has incredible sweets!

belgian chocolate eggs

Lovely packaged, truffe-filled Belgian chocolate eggs ready for Easter at Depla Chocolaterie, Bruges

chocolate squirrels with hazelnuts

My favorite window display by far! Chocolate squirrels with hazelnuts inside Depla Chocolaterie.

There is definitely a hierarchy of chocolate shops in Bruges.  You’ll find the cheap, average quality shops with their novelty shapes and tourist gift packages.  Then there are the big brands like Godiva and Leonidas.  You will also find the established shops like the cozy and creative The Chocolate Line with its wasabi truffle or the tasty and modern Dumon Chocolatier.  But by far, the best chocolates, truffles and pralines that I had in Bruges were from Depla Chocolaterie (20 Mariastraat).  It is a family business now run by Pol Depla just off the city center but completely worth a visit for the best chocolates in Belgium!

Bruges, Belgium chocolate truffle shop window Depla Chocolaterie

Depla Chocolaterie store window decorated for Easter.

Depla simply had the best quality chocolate, the best melt in your mouth ganache filling and the best flavors.  I particularly loved the little white chocolate swan truffle that was filled with almond puree.  Trust me, I spent about 40 Euros trying chocolates all over Bruges and this place was by far the best.  (I hope you appreciate my dedication to honest reporting!)

Delpa Belgian chocolate truffles, Bruges close up

More delicious choices from Delpa in Bruges

Delpa Belgian chocolate truffles, Bruges

More delicious Delpa chocolate truffles.

Truffle counter at The Chocolate Line, Bruges

The truffle counter at the popular The Chocolate Line in Bruges.

Bruges, Belgium chocolate truffle shop window

Easter window display in Bruges.

Belgian chocolate eggs

Even simple, cheap chocolate eggs are good.

Chocolate dipped oranges, chocolate rice krispie treat and a sleepy chocolate rooster.

Chocolate dipped oranges, chocolate rice krispie treat and a sleepy chocolate rooster.

belgian chocolate waffles

I also had a chocolate and banana waffle, but that got devoured quickly, so here are some representative examples of another Belgian specialty. (Photo: LinksmanJD)

I hope you get to visit Bruges someday – just remember to bring your sweet tooth!

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  1. Mmmmm chocolate 😀 Delpa sounds amazing, and I actually work in a Leonidas shop 😛


    July 31, 2013
  2. Yes. We appreciate your dedication to honest reporting … 😉


    August 1, 2013
  3. Those chocolate-dipped orange slices are exactly why I didn’t DARE enter a chocolate shop in Belgium. I would not have had enough room in my suitcase–or stomach–for all I would haul out of the store. Those chocolate squirrels are too, too adorable!


    November 30, 2013
  4. Jacob #

    Thank you for your complete article. I’m from Mexico, will be in Bruges for a couple of days. Which of those stores could be the best retaled cost/quality store you could recommend me? I would thank you so much your help


    November 20, 2014
    • Hi Jacob, that’s wonderful that you will be in Bruges! It’s a beautiful city, I’m sure you will enjoy your visit. I thought Depla Chocolaterie was definitely the best. There are cheaper stores (especially around the old town center) but their quality is not as good as Depla. Look for stores that specialize in truffles and not just chocolate because they will likely have a more sophisticated and delicious product. I would recommend tasting a couple chocolates from several shop so that you can compare and going back to your favorite for more. 🙂 Enjoy!


      November 21, 2014

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