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A Parthenon Canvas Print for My Kitchen

Parthenon canvas print in lime kitchen

Like most people, I take tons of photos while traveling but never display them.  While I share pictures here, if you walked around my home, you’d never think I was so passionate about art and travel.  (That is, aside from the first painting of my “art collection”.)  So when I could get canvas prints from Printcopia, I jumped at the chance.

Parthenon canvas print

An homage to the Parthenon? The canvas print and several other Mediterranean travel artifacts

I’m pretty happy with the first little print I got.  I used my favorite picture of the Parthenon in Athens viewed through the leaves of a small olive tree.  Ordering was easy and it arrived really quickly.  I thought the color balance was a little off and that the texture of the canvas interfered with the image; but really, once it was on the wall, I couldn’t even tell.  Their prices are competitive but canvas prints are still not cheap so take advantage of the current holiday sales!

Parthenon canvas print in lime kitchen

Finally decided the print looked best in my lime colored kitchen.

While I may still print my most artistic photographs on paper, canvas prints are a quick and beautiful way to get things out of your camera and immediately up on your walls.

Princopedia provided me with an 8″ x 10″ canvas print but the text and views herein are my own.

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