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Jet Lag & Movies

I very much get jet-lag.  And because it’s Friday, here’s a funny story to show you how bad it can be.

This last September, we arrived in Greece around 4pm after red-eying from the US and connecting/running through Charles de Gaulle.  With the metro on strike, it took a lot longer than we had expected to get to our hotel in the heart of Athens.  It looked like we had missed the nap window and so decided to walk around a little, get dinner and stay up until 8 or 9pm.  Feeling good, we hit up a rooftop bar for a drink and a spectacular view of the Acropolis.  Back at the hotel, my hubby started playing with the TV and found, of all things, The Patriot with Greek subtitles.

Maybe 10 minutes into the movie, I starting tearing up.  Bear in mind that at this point, I had watch a small battle scene, bad guys plotting revenge and some characters hiding from the British – nothing particularly emotional.  Then, when the family reunites at the beach, I started sobbing!  I remembered thinking the sappy parts of the movie seemed so forced the first time I watched this, but it didn’t matter this time.  Crying during a cheesy movies you’ve already seen – definitely a sign of jet lag!

I tried this test again the next day.  I must have got enough sleep because I was not at all affected by The Mask of Zorro.

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