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Greek Strikes Affect Archaeological Sites

Archaeological sites in Athens are closed due to a 48hr Cultural Ministry strike (Photo: Petros Giannakouris / AP)

Strikes have returned to Athens.  To protest upcoming austerity measures, the municipal workers including metro employees and trash collectors are on a 48hr strike (Oct 13-14).  This time however, the Cultural Ministry has joined the strike causing the shut-down of major tourist attractions in Athens.

Athens metro on 48-hour strike in protest of coming austerity measures (Photo: Thanassis Stavrakis / AP)

While in Greece in early September, I only encountered a metro strike the day we arrived which meant we took a taxi ride into Athens – not a huge burden.  But air traffic controller strikes and the shut-down of essential tourist locations will make travel to Greece very inconvenient for visitors.

My sense of the Greek economy is that these cut-backs are essential and are long due.  I hope these issues can be resolved and the measures adopted without continued social unrest.

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