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Bruges in the Snow

Late March was unseasonably cold in the low countries – chilly temperatures, biting winds and cloudy days.  The only redeeming thing about cold weather is lovely snow.  We got a dusting overnight in Bruges which made the Medieval brick houses and empty cobbled streets really stand out.  I gladly put on an extra sweater and enjoyed a peaceful morning stroll through town!

Bruges skyline with snow Read more

The Gates in Central Park 2005

Cristo's Gates, New York City 2005, image 2

As the East Coast prepares for a very cool spell this weekend, I thought I’d dig up some bright and joyous winter pictures.  “The Gates, Central Park, New York, 1979–2005” by Christo and Jeanne-Claude was erected in Central Park for two weeks in February 2005.  Given my love of contemporary art and temporary installations, it was a given that I would make an art pilgrimage* to see The Gates in real life.  And it was so worth it!  The dramatic orange structures really popped against the frosty ground, bare trees and grey city.  The heavy canvas flags whipped and snapped in the wind but from a distance appeared to floated and swung peacefully as they wound down the park trails. Read more

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