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A Song to the Shepherds in Bethlehem

Not all the churches in the Holy Lands are old.  The Church of the Shepherds’ Fields in Bethlehem was  constructed in 1954 over some small caves on the outskirts of the city.  Traditional holds that these caves were used by Shepherds even in ancient times hence the connection of this site to the Nativity story.  The Church has a simple, contemporary ascetic, but by far has the best impromptu choir I’ve ever heard.

Exterior angel from the Church of the Shepherds' Fields

Exterior angel from the Church of the Shepherds’ Fields

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Marathon Greece and Serious History Tourists

Our last day in Greece, we had a few hours to spare and a rental car so we decided to look for the ancient battlefield of Marathon.  It was here in 490 BC that the Greeks defeated a Persian invasion force.  After which a messenger ran the 24 miles back to Athens to declare the victory inspiring the modern marathon race.

This was the only time our GPS navigation failed us; apparently “Marathon Museum” was a little ambiguous!  Having been directed to the Marathon Run Museum, we got dubious directions toward the ancient battlefield and set out.  After several U-turns, we found ourselves traveling down a narrow road through a field where a crowd had gathered.  I almost didn’t believe what we saw: ancient Greeks engaged in battle.

greek hoplite reenactors

Hoplite reenactors taking a break at Marathon

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