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Hiking in Maine

While in Maine, we hiked through Bradbury Mountain State Park.  The trails were incredibly well marked and mildly to moderately difficult depending on which legs and loops you choose to take.  It was such a gorgeous, clear day – perfect for being outside which you can hopefully see from the pictures below.  I had so much fun hiking in the woods that I entirely skipped the outlet shopping haven of Freeport just 6 miles away.  (Like I said, it was a gorgeous day!)

Maine hiking trail

hornet's nest

leaves and sunlight

mushroom closeup

View from the top

Revisiting Hopper’s Lighthouse

Recently, I took some time to explore Southern Maine.  Besides great fall foliage, hiking and lobster (which were all also part of my trip!), the state is known for its majestic lighthouses.  I was able to visit a few including the beautiful one at Cape Elizabeth outside Portland.  This lighthouse in particular may already be familiar to lovers of American art.

American realist painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967) may best be known for his psychological urban scenes (like Nighthawks and Chop Suey) but he also painted lovely landscapes.  Over the course of nine summers between 1914 and 1929 spent in Maine, he produced numerous oil sketches and watercolors exploring the coastline and its small villages.  These soft and calm images seem somewhat incongruous with what I encountered in Maine where the coastal environment was rocky, rough and stark.

Edward Hopper, Lime Rock Quarry II, 1926, watercolor, private collection

Do you think this is this Montana, Arizona or in fact Rockland, Maine? – Edward Hopper, Lime Rock Quarry II, 1926, watercolor, private collection

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