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A Song to the Shepherds in Bethlehem

Not all the churches in the Holy Lands are old.  The Church of the Shepherds’ Fields in Bethlehem was  constructed in 1954 over some small caves on the outskirts of the city.  Traditional holds that these caves were used by Shepherds even in ancient times hence the connection of this site to the Nativity story.  The Church has a simple, contemporary ascetic, but by far has the best impromptu choir I’ve ever heard.

Exterior angel from the Church of the Shepherds' Fields

Exterior angel from the Church of the Shepherds’ Fields

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Seaside Charm in Nafplio, Greece

Touring the Peloponnese is a lot of work.  Don’t get me wrong, the towns and countryside are gorgeous.  Its just that you just have to cover a lot of ground and move from hotel to hotel.  That’s why I’m glad I tweaked my planning a little bit to spent a few days in Nafplio.  Its close to several major archaeological sites for day-tripping and is a fantastic, relaxing sea-side escape in its own right.  Nafplio is the kind of place you look for when traveling!

beach view Nafplio, Greece

Watching the fortress and passing boats while enjoying a post-lunch coffee along the Nafplio harbor.

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Exploring with The Keeper of the Castle

The monthly ArtSmart Roundtable brings together posts from some of the best art history-focused travel bloggers.  For December, we are discussing some of our favorite art and travel experiences.  You can find links below to all the group’s articles.

I’ve been lucky enough to see some really incredible art in person, in situ and sometimes under incredible circumstances (like seeing the Florence Baptistry for the first time as part of a religious procession!)  For me, a memorable travel and art experience includes encountering beautiful, unique or unknown pieces and places, but also gives me to opportunity to understand a culture or people better.  And so for this month’s theme, I was immediately reminded of my tour of Carrigafoyle Castle in County Kerry, Ireland with the Castle Keeper himself.

Carrigafoyle Castle

Carrigafoyle Castle, constructed in 1480 AD

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