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12 Hours in London

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t live on the road, it’s important to maximize your travel experiences. I love taking advantages of international layovers to spend a day in “bonus” city, like Paris or Amsterdam. This Spring I finally got to see London with a day-long romp through this fantastic capital.  It turned out to be plenty of time to see the highlights and get the flavor of this historic city.

Tower bridge, London

Good morning Tower Bridge!

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A Seven Hour Lay-over in Paris

When I first downloaded my photos from Turkey, I was incredibly confused by the first dozen pictures.  And then I remembered, we’d spent the afternoon in Paris!  Our flights to Turkey included a 7 hour lay-over in Paris.  I tried with my best French to ask if we could be switched to an earlier flight to Istanbul but no luck.  So with seven hours in Charles de Gaulle and a need to keep jet lag at bay, what did we do?  Power up on airport cappuccinos and head into Paris!

view of Notre Dame from a restaurant

The view from my seat at lunch

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