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The Nice Thing About Hapsburg Faces

Velazquez: The Techniques of Genius

I spent the last of my birthday gift cards on a fantastic technical analysis of Diego Velázquez by Jonathan Brown and Carmen Garrido, Velázquez: The Technique of Genius.  It’s filled with x-ray imaging, pigment analysis and critical examination of brushwork.  Since I am a huge art conservation and painting construction nerd AND a big Velázquez fan, I love this book.  There is a lot of amazing information in here, but there was one little insight that jumped out at me and I had to share.

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Habsburg Anscestors

The last of the Habsburg dynasty, Otto von Habsburg died this week and was buried in an elaborate state funeral.  In this age of “William and Kate” royals, it is interesting to think that these people once ruled as heads of state and for Otto at least, he was raised thinking he absolutely could.  More than any other line, I am fascinated by Austria’s Habsburgs.  It does not hurt that I have been to Vienna which is wholly their capitol.  Depending on what you count as the empire, the Habsburgs ruled for 600-800 years.  In that time there were a lot of very fascinating monarchs; here are just a few of my favorite Habsburgs.

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