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Discovery – Or Why I Love Street Art

Hopefully you’ve been following Banksy’s month long residency and outdoor exhibit in New York City this month.  Without even touching the somewhat provocative messages of this pieces, there is something really fun about this style of guerrilla street art.  I wish I could be hunting his new pieces each morning! I love the thrill of discovery and that moment of personal appreciation and enjoyment in front of clandestine art.  There is no gallery, no reviews of the show and no artist to hear your praise (or criticism).  Street artists create art out of their own creative need and to hopefully make us think as we pass their work.  I certainly appreciate street art and think it improves our urban areas.

Pasted paper street art in Cambridge, MA

Pasted paper street art in Cambridge, MA

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Photo of the Week – Art in the Favela

Beleza (Beauty) written in a San Paulo favela alley (Photo: EPA/SEBASTIAO MOREIRA)

SAO PAULO.- The Portuguese word Beleza (Beauty) written in large white letters on blue walls in an alley in the Brasilandia neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 06 March 2012. The graffiti and painted walls are part of an art project by five Spanish artists, entitled Luz nas Vielas (lit. Light in the alleys), which was realized with the inhabitants of Brasilandia, one of the favelas in Sao Paulo. Photo: Sebastiao Moreira/EPA.

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