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The Scrovegni Chapel: My Moment with Giotto’s Masterpiece

To enter the Scrovegni Chapel, you have to spend 15 minutes in a “environmental equilibration” chamber and video introduction before passing through two air locks into the chapel.  Shockingly, visitors only get another 15 minutes to look around before being rushed out by security.  However, if you are a clever art pilgrim (like yours truly) and book multiple back-to-back tickets, the museum escort chases everyone else out but leaves you alone for a few glorious minutes within the chapel.

Standing at the altar looking down the rows of painted vignettes, the rich pastel colors glowing warmly from the morning sunlight, has got to be one of the most profoundly beautiful art experience I have ever had.  To say I loved the Scrovegni Chapel would be an understatement.

Giotto Scrovegni Chapel, Padua

Photo of Giotto’s masterpiece, the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua (Photo: Art Bouillon)

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Travel Plans, Cultural Tourism, and a Date with Giotto

In just a few weeks I’ll be headed to Italy!  I was very honored to be invited on this trip and could not pass up the opportunity to connect with professionals in the travel industry, catch up with fellow bloggers, and take an art pilgrimage to see one of the greatest pieces of Western Art.

Tiberius Bridge, Rimini

Tiberius Bridge, Rimini (Photo: zioWoody, Flickr)

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Merry Christmas (with Giotto)

Madonna and Child by Giotto (circa 1320/1330) National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Madonna and Child by Giotto (National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC)

To celebrate Christmas, here is one of my favorite Madonna and Child paintings by Giotto, done between 1320-1330.  Despite the fact that baby Jesus resembles a little man, there is a delicacy and sensitivity in how both figures are holding or reaching for the flower.  The painting to me is one of the first Renaissance works and a lovely, peaceful image for Christmas.

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