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Cartoon Cities

Decorating with travel photography always looks sharp and certainly inspires trip day-dreaming on a daily basis.  While you can get some amazing global images from amateur and professional photographers, I find myself coming back to stylized city illustrations.  It’s fun to see a location distilled to its essential elements and I have always loved stylized graphic design.  In honor of the Holiday shopping season, here are a few of my favorites from with links to their stores below.  (If they don’t have your favorite city, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they could do it.)

Portland, Oregon city cartoon - loosepetals
Portland, Oregon by loosepetals (
Washington DC

Washington DC by albie design (

San Francisco city cartoon

San Francisco by Matte Stevens (

Images Credits:

Portland, OR by Loose Petals

Washington DC by albie design

San Francisco by Matte Stevens

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