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Threatened Venice: Why You Need to Visit Now

Happy 2014!  Ready for another exciting year of the ArtSmart Roundtable? Of course!  This group brings together some of the best art-focused travel blogs to post on a common theme each month.  To wish you all a happy New Year, this month we’re focusing on Art to see in 2014!  Check out all of the ArtSmart posts below.

While I’m sure my friends are taking a very optimistic interpretation of this month’s topic, it actually got me thinking, “What do I need to see now before it is gone?”  This last year brought us the destruction of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mali, rising tides encroaching on Pacific Islands, further decay at Pompeii and threats to the archaeological sites in Egypt due to on-going political turmoil. There is a distinct possibility that our human actions (whether environmental or political) will destroy magnificent works of art and history critical to our cultural heritage.  I can think of one complicated and threatened city that deserves a visit before it changes irrevocably.  If you haven’t been, now is the time to see Venice.  Hopefully you will see how beautiful and timeless the city is and can become an advocate for its preservation.

View along the Grand Canal in Venice

View along the Grand Canal in Venice

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