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Boston’s Most Historic Advertisement

Citgo sign Boston

Boston’s iconic Charles River skyline contains a bright, conspicuous CITGO gas sign.  You might think this is just an unfortunate billboard ruining the view, but the beloved orange triangle is actually a piece of historic art now maintained by the city.

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Vintage Travel Posters

Classic travel posters of the 1920-1940s have got to be some of the most gorgeous but overlooked pieces of art ever.  Combining both travel nostalgia and crisp graphic design, the images are evocative and interesting.  I want to hang one on my wall then pack up a hard case travel trunk and decorate it with stickers from each of my destinations!   Here are some of my favorite travel posters from an exhibit held last year.

vintage Marsailes to Egypt rail poster

vintage Syria and Libya travel poster

vintage Vienna travel poster

vintage cruise Alaska and Taku Glacier travel poster

All images are from the 2010 Boston Public Library exhibit, “Away We Go!”  You can view the entire exhibit on Flickr.

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